GPS Serves 1.9 Million Insured For Medical Tourism

August 8, 2008 – Atlanta, GA
GPS-Magazine launches global patient services and information for the first 1.9 Million people in the US insured for medical tourism.

Corporate America experienced a “Eureka!” moment in February, 2008 when the national and international press extensively reported the advent of two Columbia, SC group insurance experts’ foray into insured medical tourism to rein in runaway US corporate healthcare cost.

David Boucher, Companion Global Healthcare, and Morgan Armstrong, Plan Benefit Services, pioneered the way for group insurance medical tourism benefits.  Their programs provide high quality medical care, immense savings for US patients and their employers, plus economic prosperity for international destinations is a winning combination.  These options can provide significant financial solutions for strapped employers and employees.  An additional bonus for the benefit is a boost in employee morale.

The number of employees insured for medical tourism in the USA is on an accelerated trajectory for growth.  Currently, 1.9 Million people enjoying the medtour benefits provided by Companion Global Healthcare can choose both regional and international hospital options in their Blue Cross Blue Shield of SC PPO network.

GPS-Magazine is patient-oriented and serves as a knowledge-based source, delivering key information to people interested in utilizing the many advantages of medical tourism.  GPS will help medtour candidates discover just how exciting and “do-able” international medical travel is, even if they have never traveled outside of their state or have a passport.

The GPS focus is to alleviate patient apprehensions about international travel and medical services and introduce patients to a new realm of affordable global options.

GPS will address language concerns, serve as a resource for questions and source for answers about medical and travel concerns, provide resources for patients and their travel companions, and relay the best travel and medical opportunities available in the world.

Global Patient Services features information and personal attention that patients require to help them reach decisions about international destinations for dental or medical care.  GPS-Magazine reports on expediting passports, travel-medical packages to superior medical & dental destinations, medical specialties and break-troughs, certified travel chaperon companions, advice about best seasons for some destinations, currency exchange, translations services, and a forum for readers to report about their medtour experience.

It has been said that General Motors spends more on employee group health benefits than steel and Starbucks spends more on their group health benefits than coffee beans.  Medical tourism benefits provided by firms such as Companion Global Healthcare and Plan Benefit Services, Inc of Columbia, SC will be a positive step in solving those financial headaches for mid-size and large group self-funded employers.

GPS will provide the insight and information necessary to help employers, employees, and individuals make educated decisions to opt for the advantages of medical tourism, and successfully utilize and enjoy the international options.

Closing the knowledge gap and eliminating concerns about travel and medical opportunities for potential patients will enable employers, employees, international medical and dental facilities, travel venders, and destinations to benefit from the financial advantages at a faster rate.

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